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Yoho Law is Closing

Yoho Law is no longer accepting new clients.

I want to start by thanking everyone who expressed an interest in obtaining legal services from my firm. However, after accepting a position with the State, I will no longer be able to provide legal services and will be closing my law practice accordingly.

If you are a current or former client, please feel free to reach out to my office. I will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding your matter, any aspect of representation, or recommendations for subsequent counsel. My phone number and email will remain active so long as this webpage is up, which is likely to extend through 2023.

I appreciate having had the opportunity of representing you; so thank you again for your business over the years. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Freelance Legal Services

Bespoke appellate, research, and freelance legal solutions that meet your needs

  • Services Offered
  • Who We Serve
Services Offered

Business Support

  • Limited scope transactional work
  • Contract drafting and review
  • Policy and compliance work
  • Legal research and writing

Litigation Support

  • Discovery support
  • Pleadings, motions, and brief drafting
  • Appellate and trial support
  • Coverage counsel
  • Local counsel

Research & Writing Support

  • Legal research
  • Memorandum preparation
  • Attorney marketing
  • Substantive editing

Industry Support

  • Amicus support and drafting
  • Industry and organization research
  • Monitoring legal developments
Who We Serve

Business & Professional Organizations

Yoho Law offers guidance and limited scope contract legal services for

  • Law firms
  • Businesses
  • Industries
  • Professional organizations
  • Non-profit associations

Legal Professionals & Leaders

Attorneys face a number of challenges in addition to the actual work of serving their clients. Yoho Law offers services on a variety of legal issues for

  • Attorneys
  • Litigators
  • Transactional lawyers
  • In-house counsel
  • Business owners
  • Industry leaders
  • Legal researchers and writers
Bespoke Appellate Solutions that Meet Your Needs

Opt for appellate support only where you need it or let us handle the entire appeal from filing the notice of appeal to the reviewing the final opinion and everything in between. Yoho Law offers any combination of the full range of appellate services:

  • Briefing and arguing appeals
  • Issue spotting and development
  • Post-judgment motions
  • Amicus briefs
  • Moot courts
  • Preserving error at trial
  • Monitoring legal developments
  • Consulting on appellate matters
Appellate Counsel for All Stages of Litigation

Yoho Law offers appellate consulting at all stages of litigation that you can rely on as much or as little as you need. Whether you are looking for limited advice on a particular concern while considering your client’s financial burden, or wanting an appellate attorney’s support at every step, the choice is yours.

See how Yoho Law can help you at each stage of litigation:
> Pre-suit

Appellate counsel can serve a valuable function from the earliest stages of case by:

  • Issue spotting and identifying potential claims, defenses, counterclaims, and cross-claims;
  • Assessing the issues and vulnerabilities of a case;
  • Informing decisions on which cases to settle or pursue to achieve a desired end result; and
  • Providing early case analysis and risk assessment.
> Pretrial

The appellate lawyer’s talent for legal analysis and understanding of the appellate process can provide value in pretrial discovery and the early stages of litigation. Appellate counsel can:

  • Help hone factual development, legal theories, and overall presentation to improve the chance of success both at trial and on appeal;
  • Prepare or defend against important or dispositive early motions, which often involve the very issues raised on appeal;
  • Identify issues that qualify for immediate, early, or discretionary appellate review and the legal arguments with the greatest chance of success on review; and
  • Monitor legal developments and provide continual case analysis while freeing up time for trial counsel to focus on their clients and cases.
> Trial

As trial approaches and the hours available dwindle, an appellate counsel’s analytical, writing, and advocacy skills become invaluable. Your appellate co-counsel can:

  • Handle or assist in preparing motions, briefs, case summaries, stipulations, and other submissions to the court;
  • Ensure all issues, arguments, claims of error, and objections are properly preserved and that a complete record is created for purposes of appeal;
  • Make and defend objections as needed, including follow-up motions or requests for limiting instructions, offers of proof, and statements establishing prejudice;
  • Review the case as it progresses and advise trial counsel on additional lines of questioning and evidence; and
  • Deal with collateral issues while limiting distractions for trial counsel.
> Post-trial

At the conclusion of the trial, the involvement of appellate counsel naturally becomes more important. Appellate lawyers know the procedural and substantive rules that are critical going forward. An appellate lawyer can contribute to matters arising during post-trial proceedings by:

  • Reviewing the decision or verdict and determining the likelihood of obtaining a modification from the trial court and providing an initial assessment of the issues likely to be raised on appeal;
  • Preserving all exhibits and ordering the transcript and bill of exceptions;
  • Preparing or defending post-trial motions; and
  • Drafting the notice of appeal and related submissions.
> Appellate Consulting

Yoho Law can also offer indirect assistance on appeals. Consulting with an appellate attorney will help you:

  • Prepare for oral arguments through formal moot courts or less formal discussions of the case, the points to emphasize, and your response to potential questions;
  • Evaluate and assess the likelihood of success on appeal;
  • Narrow the issues to be presented to the most favorable or develop the best possible arguments to counter the issues presented.
  • Understand the general tenor of the judges hearing the appeal and the issues and arguments most likely to resonate with the court.
  • With motion practice such as requests to stay or expedite an appeal, consolidate it with other litigation, dismiss for lack of jurisdiction, and other appellate motions;
  • Recruit amicus support or challenge the request of an amicus;
  • Re-evaluating settlement possibilities throughout the appellate process; and
  • Assess the likelihood of post-decision relief.
Amicus and Legal Research for Companies and Industries

Many appellate decisions have business implications beyond the case decided. Whether you are considering an unsettled question of law, a 50-state survey, or a general legal research question, Yoho Law has the resources and talent to thoroughly address your issue. We can also monitor legal developments and assist as a friend of the court through amicus briefs.

Freelance Legal Services for Attorneys and Businesses

Yoho Law is available for freelance appearance work and written substantive work including research and document review; preparation of pleadings, motions, briefs, discovery requests, and contracts; trial prep; and court appearances. Whether you need cover counsel or just a helping hand, Yoho Law can step in for as long as you need while saving your time and money.

  • Save money. Hiring an associate is costly. A freelance attorney can save you money, because you don’t add any overhead and only pay for time you need.
  • Make money.  With less overhead, a freelance attorney can charge lower rates than you would bill for an associate with similar experience. It is acceptable to pass along the costs of a freelance attorney to your clients at higher rates, so long as the overall fee is reasonable.  
  • Save time. Yoho Law provides ready-to-file work with limited supervision. You can use your time for a well-deserved vacation or to work on other matters and feel assured that the work will be done right.
  • Grow your practice. As your freelance attorney, Yoho Law can handle last minute projects, take on excess work, and give you the flexibility you need to grow. You do not have to turn down a case because you lack the resources.
  • Get a new perspective. A freelance attorney can provide fresh and valuable insight for solo and small firm practitioners who might not get as many opportunities to bounce ideas off another attorney.

List of Services


  • Pleadings including complaints and answers
  • Dispositive motions and motions in limine
  • Discovery motions
  • Trial and appellate briefs


  • Interrogatories
  • Disclosures
  • Requests for admission/production
  • Responses


  • Legal research and memorandums
  • Cite-checking and case updates
  • Client communications
  • Demand and opinion letters


  • CLE materials
  • Blog entries
  • Newsletters
  • Articles


  • General and substantive editing of legal work
  • Bluebook citation editing
  • Cite-checking
  • Record reconciliation


  • Depositions
  • Hearings
  • Scheduling conferences
  • Negotiations


Yoho Law offers local counsel support for Nebraska’s courts.


  • Contract drafting and review
  • Intellectual property services
  • Business support services
  • Commercial legal services


  • Policy review, development, and best practices
  • Statutory, regulatory, and legislative updates
  • Compliance analyses
  • Position statements

Experience and Familiarity

Appellate Legal Skills and Experience

Like any practice area, appellate advocacy emphasizes a distinct subset of legal skills. An appellate attorney regularly scrutinizes the record of a case as an appellate judge would, researches opinions inside and outside the jurisdiction, and pours through legislative histories to compile concise and trenchant briefs that inform and educate the court while advocating for their client. Few attorneys have the opportunity to regularly practice these skills to the extent an experienced appellate attorney has.

Familiarity with Appellate Courts and Decisions

Yoho Law brings a special familiarity with appellate procedures and the judicial approach to analyzing issues and opinions. Our intimate knowledge of Nebraska’s appellate procedures, appellate courts, and appellate judges provides insight unavailable to the typical trial attorney. We know not just what the law says, but the general tenor of the State’s decisions and the pitfalls that commonly snare unwary attorneys on appeal.

Reliable Research and Writing Skills

Yoho Law brings years of legal research and writing experience to your issue. Having worked hand-in-hand with Nebraska judges and scrutinized over a hundred appellate briefs, I am intimately familiar with the nature of persuasive legal writing. Relying on the best legal research tools available, my experience drafting innumerable legal research memos and briefs are at your disposal.

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