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Bespoke legal solutions for Nebraska businesses and the health care, media, and hospitality industries

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Services Offered

Business Matters

  • Entity planning, formation, and governance
  • Corporate, limited liability company, partnership, and sole proprietorship matters
  • Business transactions and commercial contracts
  • Professional and business licensing
  • Litigation and administrative matters

Intellectual Property & Technology

  • Copyright, trademark, and trade secret services
  • Screening, registration, defense, maintenance, and licensing
  • Transfers and transactions
  • Technology transfers, transactions, and licensing
  • Nondisclosure, non-compete, and non-solicitation agreements

Freelance Legal Services

  • Limited scope transactional work
  • Contract drafting and review
  • Amicus support and drafting
  • Legal research and writing
  • Litigation support and drafting
  • Appellate services
  • Monitoring legal developments

Health Care Industry

  • Business organization, governance, transactions, and contracts
  • Litigation and administrative matters
  • Facility licensing, accreditation, inspections, and surveys
  • Professional licensing, privileges, and peer review
  • Regulatory and statutory compliance
  • Patient rights and patient care concerns
  • Privacy, confidentiality, and data security concerns

Entertainment & Media Industries

  • Legal services for news, film, TV, radio, music, design, and media professionals
  • Media agreements and negotiations
  • Intellectual property matters
  • First amendment, privacy, and newsgathering issues
  • Access to information and content review services

Hospitality & Leisure Industries

  • Legal services for hospitality, leisure, sports, and gaming businesses
  • Liquor licensing, permitting, and regulations
  • Franchising, licensing, sponsorship, endorsement, and event agreements
  • Regulatory compliance and administrative matters
Who We Serve

Business Clients by Subject Matter

Business Matters

  • Companies, partnerships, and sole proprietors
  • Small businesses and start-ups
  • Business entrepreneurs, owners, partners, directors, and members
  • Non-profit organizations

Intellectual Property & Technology

  • Companies, partnerships, and sole proprietors
  • Small businesses and start-ups
  • Entertainment and media businesses
  • Artists, photographers, designers, developers, and other creatives

Freelance Legal Services

  • Attorneys
  • Law firms
  • Businesses and industries
  • Non-profit associations
  • Legal researchers and writers

Business Clients by Industry

Health Care

  • Health care providers and institutions
  • Health care professionals
  • Providers of ancillary services
  • Long-term care service providers

Entertainment & Media

  • Film, television, and radio businesses
  • Publishers and developers
  • News media organizations
  • Production companies and studios
  • Digital media companies
  • Live event venues

Hospitality & Leisure

  • Restaurants and food service providers
  • Distilleries, breweries, wineries, and bars
  • Venues, clubs, galleries, stadiums, and arenas
  • Sports teams, associations, and leagues
  • Hotels and lodging facilities
  • Country clubs, golf courses, health clubs, and resorts
  • Gaming operators and sweepstakes, contests, and promotion providers

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The spirit of cooperation is essential to achieving the greatest success in litigation and business. Yoho Law offers a range of turnkey and piecemeal solutions to meet your legal needs and aspirations. Together, we can reach higher.


Your relationships matter. Yoho Law works on your terms to support your business, your clients, and your patients with the understanding that they are your business. Let us help you build on those relationships.


Challenges loom at every turn in the delivery of health care services. Yoho Law focuses on solutions and provides you the resources and expertise to find the best fit for you. Elevate your practice or business with us at your side.


Proximity blinds us, impairing objectivity. Yoho Law brings a fresh perspective that allows us to critically assess your case or situation. We can remove the blinders so that you can see clearly.


Research and analysis guide decision-making in litigation and in business. Yoho Law lends its legal research expertise to provide the scaffolding for a sound decision. Let us help inform your next critical decision.


Clear, concise, and convincing.

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